Matilda comes from the native Shipibo community of Canáan de Cachiyaw. They are an indigenous tribe from the Pucallpa area, in the Yarina Cocha and Ucayali river regions

of Peru. The tribe is credited with holding the traditions of the Amazonian

brew ayahuasca and still hold their traditions to this day.

The Shipibo people are widely recognised for their beautiful textiles and for their long

history of using Amazonian medicinal plants for healing purposes.

Matilda has dedicated her life to the traditional teachings of Shipibo shamanism, with over forty five years experience as a curandera (healer). During this time she has completed an extensive range of Amazonian plant dietas, which help to assist her in all of her Shipibo healing methods.

She has helped many people suffering a wide range of psychological, physical and energetic issues within both the local communities she has lived in, and within the international community. Many foreigners have travelled from all over the world to work with her.

Matilda works with people of all genders, but has particular expertise in working with

female-related health conditions and issues.