Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Inca Shipiba located?

Inca Shipiba is located in the Amazon jungle, near the town of Nauta (in the Peruvian Amazonian province of Loreto). The nearest city with onward connections is Iquitos (the provincial capital), which is around 62 miles away (100 kilometers) and connected by road.


What is the weather in the Amazon jungle like?

Amazonian Peru has a tropical rainforest climate with two distinct seasons; temperatures generally range from 70 to 91 °F (21 to 33 °C). The annual average temperature is 80.1 °F (26.7 °C).

The rainy summer arrives in November and ends in May, whilst the winter months between June and October offer a drier, sunnier climate.

How do I get to Iquitos?

Regular flights connect Peru’s capital Lima through the airlines: LATAM Airlines Peru, Sky Airlines Peru, Viva Airlines Peru, and Star Peru. Please give yourself at least one day to arrive and relax in Iquitos before your stay at Inca Shipiba begins, if you can (we can provide information on airport transfers and accommodation options in Iquitos).

How do we get to the Center?

As part of your booking we can organize return transport from Iquitos to Inca Shipiba. We can meet you in Iquitos and leave Iquitos via motocarro (motorized rickshaws) then a shuttle to Nauta. We then walk into the Center which takes about twenty-five minutes. A reasonable level of fitness is required for this walk, as all luggage has to be carried in (porter services can be arranged).

Do I need a visa to visit Peru?

The Peru Wikitravel page has a comprehensive amount of information on Peru, and Visa Guide also provides detailed information on tourist visas and passport requirements. For additional information, please contact your nearest Peruvian Embassy or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



What money is used in Peru?


The currency of Peru is the sol (symbol: S/.), commonly referred to as “soles”. USD$1 is equivalent to approximately S/.3.38 soles (for latest exchange rates please click here). ATMs can be found in Lima and Iquitos, including at each airport.

How do I make a booking?


To make a booking for either our Week-long Ayahuasca Stay, or our Amazonian Plant Dietas use the contact us link. Please have the dates you would like to arrive mentioned in your email. After a short questionnaire has been filled out and returned to us we will confirm your health condition. Before you arrive to our center a payment via Western Union will need to be paid to Matilda.

Is there wifi?

There is no wifi or internet signal within the Center.

Mobile reception is available in Nauta, 25 minutes walk away, if required.



What preparation do I need to do beforehand?


A key requirement for plant medicine programs is adhering to a diet before treatment commences. We recommend that guests begin their diet at least seven days prior to drinking ayahuasca and continue the diet for seven days after the last ayahuasca ceremony. A minimum of three days before or after is recommended if seven days isn’t doable. We will advise dietary requirements required, when you book. For those living in modern countries, the diet also involves abstinence from alcohol, drugs, prescription medicine, television, radio, mass media, and any other activities that alter perception.

Do I need vaccinations?

Peru does not require any vaccinations for entry. We suggest that you do your own research into vaccinations and discuss any questions with a trusted healthcare professional.

What should I bring?


We’ll send you a checklist of recommended items to bring with you, but as a general list: Clothes to suit jungle conditions (including a light rain jacket, rubber Wellingtons/gumboots, light hiking boots/shoes, flip flops and bathing suits) water bottle, headlamp torch with red-light, a journal and light reading material, sun protection, towel, toiletries (including natural insect repellent and fluoride-free toothpaste). And a smartphone/camera to take lots of photos of the beautiful Amazon jungle!



I’m really nervous, will I be able to manage the treatments?


Plant-based medicine treatments are a challenging, but ultimately rewarding healing process. Matilda has extensive experience working with people from all over the world, with differing health conditions and requirements. If for any reason you wish to leave the Center, you are able to do so, and we will assist you in your return to Iquitos.

What health conditions and medications are unsafe when working with Ayahuasca?

It is not safe to work with ayahuasca if you take the following medications or have any of the following health conditions:

  • Any medication that contains Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI’s). 

  • Any medication which has an effect on the serotonin system, including Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) (i.e. antidepressants such as Wellbutrin, Prozac, Zoloft, Effexor).

  • The herbal antidepressant St. John’s Wort (Hypericum Perforatum).

  • It is not safe if you have a heart condition or chronic high blood pressure.

  • It is not safe when you are pregnant.

Feel free to use our contact form to ask any questions we haven’t answered here.