Amazonian Plant Dietas

Dieta is simply the Spanish word for diet.

In Amazonian herbalist traditions the word means much more than it does in the western world. Dietas are plant medicine treatments that require dietary and behavioral regimens. These regimens allow one to move effectively into a working relationships with the

chosen plant, and to help to create a strong foundation of

personal healing and personal growth. 

​​Dietas have a very strict protocol which must be followed to receive the maximum benefit; this includes the sacrifice of personal company, the pleasures of sex, alcohol,

drugs, and many different food items.

Traditionally in the Amazon dietas have been used to:

Stimulate the body’s innate ability to self-heal

Receive guidance, wisdom, and direction

Increase physical strength and stamina
Develop sensitivity and intuition

Help ward off negative energy

Purify the body and spirit

We offer Amazonian Plant Dietas that are inclusive of:

Isolated stay in private accomodations

Daily plant dieta medicine

Flexible dates

All food

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Dietas we offer:

If you would like to diet a plant that is not on our list; please contact us.