Ayahuasca is an Amazonian plant medicine that has been used for healing purposes within the Amazonian Rainforest for thousands of years. Ayahuasca is a brew that is the combination

of two Amazonian jungle plants – The Ayahuasca vine itself (Banisteriopsis Caapi)

and the leaf of the Chachruna plant (Psychotria Viridis). 

Ayahuasca can provide visionary experiences and enables us to access otherworldly realms and inner subconscious landscapes. It also cleanses the body physically, emotionally, and energetically, removing toxins that have accumulated in our lifetime.

The ayahuasca that we serve at Inca Shipiba has been prepared following a traditional Shipibo recipe, and it has been made under the strict supervision of Matildhe herself.

Ayahuasca ceremonies cost USD$100 each ceremony. This price is non-negotiable. If you would like to come to Inca Shipiba and drink Ayahuasca with a genuine Shipibo Shaman, it costs USD$100 per ceremony and this is paid directly to Matildhe herself.

Please do not pay anyone else but Matilde for your Ayahuasca ceremonies,

accomodation, and food at Inca Shipiba.


Please do not support any gringo businesses that are bringing people to Inca Shipiba or trying to charge you within the Center. They do not pay Matildhe the full amount,

and charge a lot to the people that come to Inca Shipiba.

Matildhe knows this and it breaks her heart.

A person that calls themselves a Shaman and does this is what the Shipibo people call a brujo or bruha and they are considered evil by Shipibo Shamans.