Our Center

We are an authentic Shipibo healing center that has provided medicinal plant

healing over the past seven years. We specialize in ayahuasca ceremonies,

Amazonian plant dietas, and additional complementing Shipibo

healing methods. Our center is peaceful, quiet and calm;

and it has been created to support you in every way

possible on your individual healing journey with us.

What we offer

We offer the unique experience of working with a dedicated Shipibo Shaman that owns, works and lives within her own center. Through our website we offer week-long ayahuasca stays and a range of Amazonian plant dietas. Private accomodations, ceremonies, medicines,

all food, and all transport to and from Iquitos is included in the quoted price.


We are located south of the city of Iquitos outside the town of Nauta. It is a two and a half hour journey which finishes with a half-hour walk through the surrounding jungle. During this

time you will start to acclimatize to your surroundings and experience

the unique sounds and smells of the Amazon Rainforest.


Our center has been designed to be fully self-sufficient we have everything that you require within our premises. When you arrive you can completely focus on yourself and your healing process.

Our center offers:

Private single-person accommodations with beds and hammocks

A beautiful maloka (ceremony house) for ayahuasca ceremonies
Solar power to charge any electrical devices

Toilets developed for western requirements

A stream for you to wash and bathe in